HI Tours Now Has A Great Working Space;
Gear Up For Epic Travels

With over 25 years of curating memorable luxury travel experiences across the globe, we didn't realize when we had outgrown our old office. With our business being operated out of two separate spaces, we knew we needed a change for efficiency's sake. Finally, we can proudly say that we have a brand-new address - one we needed as much as we deserved.

Our new corporate office is centrally located in a glitzy corner of Gurugram, the metropolitan annex of the Indian capital. Close to the MG Road metro station, and just 25 minutes from the Delhi International Airport, HI Tours is now spectacularly well connected for not just our internal staff but also our pan-India and worldwide collaborators.

With a capacity to seat more than a 100 well-trained tourism experts who help us curate perfect travel experiences for our clients; our 12,000 sq. ft. facility is something we are genuinely delighted with. Particularly, since we put in a lot of thought and effort in our attempt to design a space that enables free-flowing and transparent interactions across hierarchies.

Staying abreast with global trends in workspaces and work cultures, we sought to create a facility that would encourage fluid communication across verticals and promote quick and efficient solutions for complex multi-layered problems. Our world-class facility hence, is a perfect balance of formal and informal interactions.

The new HI Tours office is specked with various Conference and Lounge Rooms for meetings and discussions with clients and internal staff. Besides, there are various Connect Rooms, which enable unhindered collaboration with all agents, guides, vendors, and FTOs coming to us. But equally important are the Basecamp areas designed specifically keeping in mind the wellbeing and welfare of our in-house teams.

We believe in freedom of movement and thought, and encourage our staff to take frequent breaks to rejuvenate themselves during the day. The entire first floor houses the expansive cafeteria, which has delectable servings for all kinds of foodies. We want our staff in a holistic frame of body and mind so that they can deliver their best while at work.

Travel is fun and exciting. Naturally, we want out in-house employees to feel as much so that they can relate to our client’s expectations. However, a travel business sometimes becomes more than just fun, since there are various processes playing out simultaneously and steep deadlines are to be met. In an attempt to lighten the atmosphere and make work more fun, HI Tours has come up with quirky and adventurous names for its verticals; such as Island (for the core B2B team which handles inbound travel for the Indian subcontinent and Maldives) or the Aisle (which handles outbound international travel) or even Wall Street (a befitting nomenclature for our Accounts and Finance department).

With such a well-resourced and well-thought facility to operate out of, our internal team’s spirits are naturally at an all-time high. Hence, we encourage you to visit us and join us in the excitement. This sure looks like an opportune time to give back to the tourism industry magnanimously.