4 Awesome Indian Beach Destinations for Honeymoon Couples

The wedding festivities are over and you still haven’t got much time to interact with your spouse owing to the guest crowd and visitors, who just do not seem to leave both of you alone. Amidst all this chaos, it is time to breathe easy and plan the most-awaited part of your married life – your honeymoon. If beaches are what you and your partner love and want to explore thoroughly, we have some amazing options for you. Here are a few beach destinations, which are not only famous for their romantic escapades but also provide ample opportunity for the two of you to indulge in some adventure together. Take a look!


Goa surely needs no introduction when we talk about the top most romantic destinations for honeymoon. Palm-fringed shoreline, fascinating Portuguese architectural marvels, delectable seafood savouries, glass of locally produced feni, happening nightclubs and colourful local markets best describe the destination of Goa. A perfect sojourn amidst a dreamy backdrop of shimmering sun and golden sands, Goa is definitely the right place for couples to spend some awesome time together. The quaint charm of this seaside destination makes all the newly-weds fall in love with it over and gain. While you are here, enjoy making sand castles on the beach while dreaming about your beautiful future together. Also, do not let go off the chance to behold the sight of the spectacular sunset with your partner at the majestic Fort Chapora. Also, enjoy a romantic dance with your better half at any of the numerous nightclubs dotted along the coastline of Goa.


The beach town of Kovalam, situated in the verdant state of Kerala, is surely an amazing location for couples to start the new chapter of their married life, which is their honeymoon. This beautiful place boasts of serene, sun-kissed Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, Samudra Beach, which form a crescent shape. This mesmerising sight is worth beholding as it looks like a beautiful neck adorned with jewels. The beauty of the pristine beaches here is quite popular lovey-dovey couples seeking some quit time together away from the bustling city life. These seashores are also dotted with myriad spa centres, where couples can indulge in some rejuvenating and therapeutic massages together. Besides, couples can savour lip-smacking seafood delights and indulge in some thrilling water sports too.


Lakshadweep Islands is another breathtaking spot for honeymooners to spend some romantic moments together. Sparkling emerald islands, sun-kissed and white sand coastline and sapphire lagoons best describe the beautiful island destination of Lakshadweep. While the beaches get caressed by the foaming waves of the giant Arabian Sea, you can spend some quiet time you’re your better half under the shades of coconut palms standing stall along the entire shoreline. While you are here, do visit the enchanting Kalpeni Island and Minicoy Island. You both can indulge in fun adventure sorts like scuba diving, snorkelling, paragliding and canoeing.

Daman & Diu

Picturesque islands, sun-kissed beaches, beautiful churches, lip-smacking seafood best represent the mesmerising honeymoon destination of Daman and Diu. This Union Territory has a mystical charm in its environs and therefore, preferred and frequently visited by couples seeking a quiet romantic getaway. While on your honeymoon to this enchanting destination, marvel at the architectural brilliance of the ancient churches here and relive your wedding vows too. The beaches here are best-suited for some lovey-dovey sweet moments, which the both of you have been yearning for. Walk hand in hand along the shoreline and admire the breathtaking sight of the beautiful sunset.