5 Must-Visit Places in Maldives

An archipelago of more than 1000 beautiful coral islands, Maldives is just the right destination if you are seeking some fun with sand, sun and water. Verdant natural environs, mesmerising turquoise blue water, beautiful palm trees and sun-kissed beaches best describe the picturesque destination of Maldives. Here, we present to you a few attractions of this enchanting destination, which are surely counted among the must-visit and most-trolled places of Maldives. Read on to know about them in detail.

Bluetribe Moofushi

When we talk about Maldives, the first thing that comes to our mind is sun, sand and sea. And associated with them are its great waters and marine life. The Bluetribe Moofushi diving centre is surely a great way to explore this serene and mesmerising facet of Maldives. It basically offers an out-of-the-world experience in water sports, such as windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, kayaking and riding on catamarans/pedal boats. Besides, this amazing diving centre offers other excursions like spotting whale sharks, manta rays and an array of fish species from the shore. Just contact this driving centre for both a romantic cruise experience and discovering Maldivian marine life.

HP Reef

Now that we have talked about an awesome diving centre, it is absolutely incomplete if we miss out on an incredible diving site. The HP Reef, considered to be one of the most beautiful diving sites of Maldives, boasts of an exotic marine life. Here you will get a chance to explore mesmerising coral reef formations and vibrant fish species under the water. Located in the North Male Atoll, this captivating site is basically a marine protected area.

Banana Reef

Another great site located in North Male Atoll is the Banana Reef. One of the most frequented diving sites of Maldives, the reef gets its name from its shape, which looks just like a banana fruit. Extending to about 300 m from north to south, this reef is famous for its marine life, where one can see Napoleon Wrasse, Bannerfish and Moray Eels.

Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque)

Popularly known as the Old Friday Mosque, the revered Hukuru Miskiiy boasts of a beautiful architecture. Considered to be one of the oldest mosques of this picturesque island, the shrine comprises coral stone walls with intricate carvings of Arabic scripts. Besides, the premises houses tombs, which were erected in the memory of sultans, nobles and heroes. Experience peace and an ethereal feel at this mosque, which is surely an epitome of Islamic culture.

Alimatha Island

While in Maldives, do not miss out on a visit to the enchanting Alimatha Island, which is situated at the Vaavu Atoll, in the east of the Maldives. Offering state-of-the art diving facilities and great opportunity for snorkelling, this island attracts huge tourist influx each year. Besides, the island boasts of lush green vegetation, which is surrounded by beautiful shoreline.