8 Packing Essentials While on a Trek in Nepal

Packing smartly is extremely important while planning for a hike or trek. This is because it is an important aspect of your adventurous experience. Your packing basically defines how comfortable and easy going your trek will be; particularly if you are planning a trek to the hilly terrains of the mountain land of Nepal. Packing less will make you suffer in the high altitudes and hamper your fun. On the other hand packing a lot can lead to a lot of weight on your back which you will surely not like to carry with you. So, we bring to you a few packing essentials, which will make your trekking experience much fun and relaxed. Have a look!


Since trekking is associated with high altitude, one needs to be cautious about packing warm layers. Temperature falls down drastically at night in the hilly terrains of Nepal, so keeping warm and cosy jackets is a must. Choose jackets which are light in weight as it is you who have to carry your entire luggage on your back. Also, do not forget to stack your thermals, which will keep you protected from the chilly winds.


Sunscreen is not just restricted to beaches. UV rays have a maximum effect at high altitudes. So, do carry a sun protection lotion and apply it daily before heading for your trek.


Most trekkers use bag packs as they are quite comfortable to carry and are hilly terrain- friendly. You surely cannot carry your fancy trollies up those mountains. Choose a one which not too big or small; it should be perfect enough to fit in all your trek essentials. Besides, you can also choose one which comes with rain and snow protection. It is always good to carry a rain cover for your bag to protect it from rain and snow.


While choosing clothes for trek, you do not have to think about combination but comfort. Pick up clothes which are easily washable, quick drying and crease resistant. Travel pants are one such amazing option to carry. Also, pack clothes that are light in weight and do not occupy much space in your bag sack.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are must pack item while planning for a trek. Since the hilly terrain is quite rough and rustic, hiking goes definitely provide a strong grip on the ground. Besides, they are quite comfortable and durable as well.


Another important item that needs to be packed is a headlamp. Availability of electricity is a matter of doubt in hilly regions. To stay safe and protected from accidents and insects, carrying a headlamp is definitely a smart choice. It makes commuting from one tent to other tent of the camp quite easy.

Water Purifier

Getting clean drinking water en route your trek is way to impossible. Therefore, you can carry your own portable water purifiers. These purifiers are just the size of a marker and can be kept in front pockets like a pen. Just dip them in a glass of tap water and then it is fit to drink.

Sleeping bag

While on a trek, you might take a few night halts and base your camp around a little camp fire. However, you cannot have the luxury of a bed here. Therefore, sleeping bags are the best choice. Just open them up at night and slip in to get a comfortable good night’s sleep.