It’s an experience many want to live, if not every day, at least once in a life time. For those seeking grandeur and opulence, we open the doors of the famed Palaces in India, where they can totally indulge in the royal livings of the erstwhile Maharajas. Like they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Dine in their grand dining rooms, ride in their Royal Buggies, play Croquet in the manicured lawns, explore their massive forts, enjoy the folk dances and songs, discover their legacy and get lost in the culture that ages back to many centuries. Holidays around Rajasthan and Agra in India offer all this and more. Thanks to the knowledge, support, execution skills and attention to detail of our local offices which made all this possible.

Curated Travel Styles

Dreamy locales, ancient traditions, vibrant rituals... and more!

Adrenaline fueled experiences for those who dare

Upclose and personal with the Jungle wild

Live life king-sized in the royal heritage and opulence

A toast to the sun-kissed beaches

In the solace of spirituality and holistic nature