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There is much to love about Bhutan, but it's the sacred side of the country that I enjoy the most. I love joining pilgrims as they look for the footprints of saints in a rock face, or explain monastery history in terms of flying tigers and unruly demons.


Bhutan, the last ShangriLa on Earth, redefines tranquillity. With magnificent icy peaks of the Himalayas to the North and the lush green paddy terraces towards the south, the peaceful monasteries situated atop the hills to the Punakha Dzong at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu, Bhutan will leave you totally mesmerised with its natural beauty.

This small but efficient country has been successfully practicing Subsistence Tourism to preserve its aesthetics and culture. Join them at the time of the Tshechus to see the bright and colourful cultural traditions of the people who revel in the flamboyant Cham dance performance at these festivals. In Bhutan, you are assured of top notch hospitality at some of the country’s best luxury hotels in a heart warming Bhutanese style. The warm welcoming people of the hills will leave you humbled with their affectionate and helpful gestures.

From the spirituality of the Buddha to the serenity of the rivers flowing through the valley, from leisurely walks in the cities and towns to the exhausting yet exhilarating trek up the Snowman route, Bhutan has a very different experience for each traveller. Travelling Bhutan is not merely a note-worthy experience, but it is also life changing one, for you will surely leave a part of yourself behind and take back a little bit of Bhutan within you.

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