Whether its travelling in the Himalayas or soaking sun in the Maldivian beaches, you name it and we will make it happen as per your comfort and convenience. With us, options are limitless, but all of them are crafted as per your taste and budget to the finest detail.

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About India

A smorgasbord of emotions, traditions, and cultures that warm your soul while you explore its magnificence, India is filled with stunning diversity in terms of landscapes, culture, tradition, and religion. A one time visit to this vibrant country is simply not enough to absorb its complete essence.

The great landscapes of India are as diverse and varied as their cultural traditions and belief system. From the snow-capped Himalayas to the sun-soaked beaches of Goa, from the placid backwaters of Kerala to the vibrant culture of Rajasthan, there is no dearth of enchanting experiences that you get in India.

Another endearing facet of India is its bustling cities and colorful local lives that paint a chaotic albeit charming picture of this nation. An abundance of vibrant festivals, India is a highly spiritual nation that wholeheartedly celebrates several special days in unique ways.

While exploring India, make sure you experience its a delectable and scrumptious mix of flavors and tastes that have their own cultural background and novel traditions at the base. From soul-warming thalis to the simple vegetarian curries and sugar-coated sweetmeats, there are different techniques and presentations. Fresh spices lie at the heart of Indian cooking that is famous for its amazing street food.

Just like food, spirituality is something that lies at the core of Indian values. There is an array of sacred sites and shrines where diverse rituals pay testament to the country’s religious and cultural history. Different religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and even Zoroastrianism are practiced each having their own belief systems and devotional celebrations.

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Keep in mind that India is a gigantic country, and the weather will vary greatly between the north and south. The weather in India is divided into two major phases in different months. Over the peak months from December to March, you can enjoy the pleasant temperature with some cold waves at the start. You can also experience snowfall in some parts of the country. While from March to August you will experience the harsh sun. Although after that it is the time for spring and monsoon.

Clear sky
Min: 19°C
Max: 33°C
WSW 1 m/s

Must-Have Experiences


Varanasi is the soul of India. It’s one of the oldest inhabited cities and considered to be one of the holiest places to visit. Thousands of pilgrims throng the city to visit the holy Ganges to wash away their sins, to stroll its tranquil ghats or simply die here or escape the cycle of birth and death! Experience this magical city with HI Tours and witness its frenzies energy.


The proverbial city of dreams, Mumbai is full of dreamers, artists, Bollywood and underworld dons! Home to the Indian film industry - Bollywood, Mumbai is also the financial capital of India. Buzzing with furious energy, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. With an exciting nightlife, hidden architecture and premier restaurant experiences, Mumbai will enchant you.


An immensely popular hill station in India, Shimla is a historic city that was previously known as the summer capital of British India. Enjoy peaceful walks, soak up picturesque surrounding and stunning mountain scenery while you enjoy the bustling local bazaars and spend time at the Mall road.

Top Packages of India

Royal India

Golden Triangle

Vivid Karnataka

Festivals of India


Experience the stunning beauty of kaleidoscopic India at the Holi festival. The world’s most colorful festival, Holi is celebrated to mark the onset of spring and the triumph of good over evil. People play with bright colored powders and water throughout the day and enjoy merrymaking with friends and family.


Diwali, rightly called the festival of lights is mainly celebrated by commemorating the victory of light over darkness and is a full-on sensory experience. Different parts of India’s demographics, celebrate Diwali differently and that’s why we see different legends associated with this festival. But what remains consistent throughout is the excitement and grandeur of merrymaking!

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of Lord Ganesha to the Earth from Mount Kailash with his mother Goddess Parvati. Marked by installing clay idols of Lord Ganesha and fervent merrymaking, this festival characterizes the excitement and frenetic joy that reaches a feverish pitch every year!

Top Sites of India

God’s own country: Kerala

Royal Rajasthan

Jewels of Deccan

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What our clients say

It was really the vacation of our dreams! The culture, heritage, and food of India are to die for. With so many different cities to experience in one tour package was the best part.

Pradeep Kumar

The tour of royal Rajasthan was so eye-pleasing. We got to witness some of the most iconic monuments and forts with such amazing history. Also, the craft is great for a shopaholic!

Anil Thaakran

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Do I need a visa to travel to India?

Indeed, a legitimate Visa is required for all guests. This must be acquired before appearance and we prescribe that you contact your nearby Indian international Embassy or department when arranging your excursion.

Is it safe to travel in India?

India is commonly viewed as a protected nation for voyagers for any side of the world. We will consistently be there to deal with you each progression of your visit. Notwithstanding this, there are sure fundamental insurances to be taken during a visit like it is a smart thought to bolt away your extra money, explorers checks, travel papers and valuable gems in the inn safe. Make an effort not to stroll around alone late around evening time, especially in abandoned regions or communities, where everything closes early. To the conceivable degree, abstain from going on the streets after dull. As anyplace else, never leave your gear unattended or in authority of obscure individual at an air terminal, train station, transport stands and so on. Try not to reveal your itinerary items to outsiders. Keep money in isolation to meet regular little costs, tips and so forth. 

Shopping in India?

India is a customer’s heaven. Shopping is prescribed from Government Emporiums. We can advance you the subtleties for that. The majority of the huge stores will dispatch your buys for you, however, for accommodation and to stay away from postal postponements, it is prudent to convey your shopping with you or to book it as stuff. On the off chance that you have particular things on your shopping show, you may get in touch with us we will give you the required data. 

What kind of clothes should I carry during trip to India?

In the blistering Indian summers, we prescribe light-hued cotton tops, shorts, and pants with sun-caps. In the event that you are making a trip to any of India’s national parks, make sure to pack some long-sleeved cotton tops for game drives. Functional hues to wear are khaki, beige, sloppy darker and white. Exposed to the harsh elements winter months temperatures may drop drastically in the early morning and night hours, so some comfortable apparel is fundamental. When visiting strict landmarks and places of worship you may need to conceal, so the two people should pack some long skirts and jeans. For ladies, it is a smart thought to toss in a scarf or shawl that you can use to cover your head and shoulders whenever required.

Is it safe for women to travel alone in India?

Single lady or a little gathering of ladies can go alone to any traveler goal in India by following a few safety measures. Here we suggest abstaining from voyaging alone in night hours and forlorn spots with obscure individuals. For voyaging far off spots, ancestral regions, night ventures do take administration of good travel organization. Try not to get amicable with outsiders who have no substantial motivation to converse with you. In the event that you have arrived at the station late night and have no earlier reserved taxi, it is smarter to go through the night at the railroad station or close by great lodging till morning instead of going with outsiders and getting yourself in a dangerous circumstance. 

Is it forbidden to consume liquor in India?

Gujarat is India’s just dry state, yet drinking laws are set up all through the nation. Each state may have assigned dry days when the offer of alcohol is taboo. Both neighborhood and imported brands are promptly accessible in bigger urban communities, for example, Delhi or Mumbai. Be that as it may be set up to make good on an alcohol charge. Note that, generally speaking, not many vegan cafés serve liquor.
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