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About Sri Lanka

A beach lover’s paradise, Sri Lanka is full of great culture, welcoming locals, oodles of charm and amazing cuisines. This magnificent nation is moving at a fast pace to highlight itself as the most sought after Asian destination. The history, beauty, and culture of Sri Lanka are alluring to the core!
Home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites, Sri Lanka can be discovered not just through its mystic temples, ancient sites, prominent peaks, forests, and amazing wildlife. The interesting local culture, traditions, and succulent cuisine and friendly vibe make it a destination worth visiting.
For a rejuvenating vacation, relax and soak up some sun at Kandy beach, or trek through the Sigiriya rocks or simply explore the enchanting wildlife at the Yala National Park where you can experience the diverse flora and fauna. For the party animals, head towards the city of Hikkaduwa that’s famous for its rich and vibrant nightlife beach parties. For the tea connoisseurs, a visit to the enchanting Nuwara Eliya is a definite must that’s known for its amazing tea plantations and tea boutiques.
Your visit to Sri Lanka is incomplete if you have not experienced the stilt fishing on the Koggala beach. Being one of the most interesting traditional fishing methods that came into being after World War II. Requiring much skill and balance, this precarious activity is one of the highlights to experience. With its magnificent diversity, a Sri Lanka vacation should definitely be on your list this year!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is positioned close to the Equator that keeps the temperature fairly constant all-year-around. The daytime temperature in coastal and low land areas remains around 26–30°C but can climb up into  30°Cs too o hotter days. The major concerns are about the rainfall in the country. It rains all year but in different parts of the island, although the inter-monsoonal period in months all October and November have the heaviest rainfall and thunderstorms.

Clear sky
Min: 22°C
Max: 33°C
WSW 4 m/s

Must-Have Experiences

Sri Lanka Exploration

Apart from its reputation as nature’s paradise, Sri Lanka truly lives up to the tag of the perfect tourist destination owing to its breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture. With expansive mountains, lush forests and vibrant wildlife, there are ample opportunities for hikers and trekkers to explore the climate and geography of Sri Lanka.

Flavors of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the “pearl of the Indian Ocean” is not just about breathtaking locales and exquisite history and culture. The country is also famous for its amazing tea plantations, for its hospitality and succulent cuisine. A unique blend of flavors, the food here comprises of lots of vegetables, coconut milk, assorted spices, and fish. Much similar to South Indian cuisine, the flavors reflect the culture, history centered as a maritime hub and cultural melting pot.

Top Packages of Sri Lanka

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Festivals of Sri Lanka

Vesak Poya – Festival of lights

A festival that holds cultural and religious significance in Sri Lanka. Celebrated on the day of the full moon in May, it is essentially celebrated by Buddhists. Vesak Poya, also known as the festival of lights, is celebrated to remember all the noteworthy events that took place in the life of Lord Buddha.nment.

Deepavali / Diwali

Diwali is a vibrant and upbeat festival in Sri Lanka celebrated by all, especially Hindus. The celebrations are much like Tamil Nadu in Southern India, where people light traditional earthen lamps and illuminate their homes apart from lighting firecrackers and exchanging sweets.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year

While the new year calendar all over the world begins on January 01st and ends on 31st December but for the Sinhalese people in Sri Lanka, it is usually celebrated on 13 April or 14 April and commences at the sighting of the new moon. As per Sinhalese astrology, their New Year begins when the Sun moves from the house of Pisces (Meena Rashiya) to the house of Aries (Mesha Rashiya). It further marks the conclusion of the harvest season and spring season.

Top Sites of Sri Lanka

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What our clients say

This was the first time we saw Tea Plantation, and it was really beautiful. The lush green lands and a new variety of food choices make the tour more exciting.

Asmita Mukerji

The exotic part of Sri Lanka is the beaches, they are surreal! We enjoyed sitting on the beachside and the hustle-bustle of the city is also a real experience.

Ajendra Thakur

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Do I need a visa to enter Sri Lanka?

Indeed, you will require a visa to enter Sri Lanka. In addition, on the off chance that you mean visiting Sri Lanka on a short visit, you should acquire an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before appearance.

What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an official approval for a Short Visit to Sri Lanka and is given through an online framework. You have to get an estimated time of arrival in the event that you mean visiting Sri Lanka as a Visitor, on Business or on Travel. No identification duplicates, records or photos are required to acquire the ETA of arrival. ETA holders will be given a multi-day Short Visit visa at the port of passage in Sri Lanka.

Is it Safe to Travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a serious safe goal to travel and one of the most beautiful nations on earth. The nation finds a sense of contentment and we are encountering a record number of guests; as Sri Lanka is viewed as one of only a handful few ‘un-spoilt’ goals in Asia. Our visits are directed in territories that are viewed as safe for sightseers to visit. A large number of our customers have become companions and can’t hold on to come back to their ‘second home’, having a sense of security and security in our consideration.

What currency is used in Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lankan money is the Rupee (Rs), separated into 100 pennies. Notes come in divisions of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000. Breakdown bigger notes when you change cash – it can some of the time be an issue to breakdown a bigger note (500, 1000 or 2000). 

Inns and other visitor foundations will provide you the cost estimate in US$ or Euro and gather in Rupees at the common conversion scale.

What food will I find?

Sri Lankan dishes depend on rice, with a huge assortment of vegetables, fish and natural products. The uniqueness of Sri Lankan nourishment impacted by trespassers and brokers – Indians, Bedouins, Malays, Fields, Portuguese, Dutch, and English all who have left a blemish on the Sri Lankan diet, will without a doubt make your outing a journey of culinary disclosure!
Sri Lankan nourishment is acceptable, maybe excessively interesting for outside palates, yet worth difficult. The Lankan nourishment served in your inn is mitigated a smidgen because of the delicate stomach of most sightseers, yet in any case, it is tasty and you should attempt it. Worldwide nourishment of any sort is found in all major Sri Lankan Cafés.
Most seaside towns have fantastic fish including prawns and tasty crab. Rates are very economical. Being a tropical nation, Sri Lanka is honored with a huge assortment of natural products. A few natural products like mangoes and Bananas (known plantains here) come in over twelve sub assortments of shapes, sizes, and tastes!

What Should I Pack?

Before packing anything please consider the weather you are traveling in. Always first pack essentials, like visa, medicines and daily needs items. While choosing your clothes we would suggest cotton fabric and long sleeves garments as they will protect you from harsh sun rays. Carry light jackets for the hilly region. Always keep a sunblock with you and dress a little modestly at religious sites.
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