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Diwali of Gods

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Dev Deepawali in Varanasi will be on November 29, 2020 (Sunday).

Diwali of Gods

Diwali of Gods- in the Oldest Living City of the World

The Dev Deepavali (“the Diwali of the Gods” or “Festival of Lights of the Gods”) is the festival of Kartik Poornima (full moon) celebrated with full vigour in the ‘Oldest living city of the World’ -Varanasi. It falls on the full moon of the Hindu month of Kartika (November – December) and takes place fifteen days after the popular Diwali festival.

The riverfront of the Ganges is the hub of all activities during the festival. The steps of all the ghats (embankments of the River) on the from Ravidas Ghat at the southern end to Rajghat, are lit with more than a million earthen lamps (Diyas) in honour of Ganga (the holy river is revered as a Goddess), and its presiding goddess. The gods are believed to descend to Earth to bathe in the Ganges on this day. The tradition of lighting the lamps on the Dev Deepawali festival day was first started at the Panchganga Ghat way back in 1985 and had been continuing since then.

1. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India

During Dev Deepawali, houses are decorated with oil lamps and coloured designs (rangoli) on their front doors. Firecrackers are burnt at night, processions of decorated deities are taken out into the streets of Varanasi, and oil lamps are set afloat on the river, the entire town is practically shimmering in millions of lights – it’s indeed a sight to behold!

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