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How Sri Lanka Tourism Industry Is Aiming For Quick Recovery

Sri Lanka & its Efforts to Regain Positive Tourism

How Sri Lanka Tourism Industry Is Aiming For Quick Recovery


In the Easter of 2019, the calm and peace of Sri Lanka were shattered by a series of horrific and fatal bombings targeting luxury hotels and churches in Colombo. And with that, the thriving tourism industry in the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ came to a standstill.


However, Sri Lanka has beaten the odds before, when it established itself as a key tourist destination a decade earlier after emerging from a bloody civil war that lasted twenty-six years. And it is on its way to re-establishing itself as a sought-after tourist destination once again.


In under a month after the attacks, a team of experts began aiding the government in crisis management. The idea was to intensively reassure the world that Sri Lanka is a safe place for people to return to. By June, warnings against visiting Sri Lanka for fear of imminent attacks had been replaced with notices to exercise caution instead. Slowly, the visitors began trickling back into the island.


One of the ways in which Sri Lanka is aiming for a quick recovery is by wooing tourists from its close neighbor, India. This is important because India is one of the largest sources of tourists for Sri Lanka. With aggressive marketing campaigns and discounts that are making Sri Lankan holidays up to 60% cheaper for Indian tourists, Sri Lanka aims to bring almost 400,000 Indian tourists to India. This is being done under the aegis of the tourism minister, John Amaratunga, who had interacted with local travel agents in Mumbai to discuss packages provided by the Sri Lankan Airlines in conjunction with tour operators as well as local hotels.

Apart from trying to win back Indian tourists, Sri Lanka also reintroduced visa-free arrivals for visitors from numerous countries, thereby expanding a list of countries that included the nations the EU as well as the United States as well.


Even though the numbers are still lower compared to last year, the difference in numbers is steadily reducing. Sri Lanka is well on its way to rebuilding its tourism industry and showing the world its idyllic beaches, pristine jungles, UNESCO-rated heritage sites, and incredible cuisine. Sri Lanka is slowly but surely rebuilding its heavenly self once again. Explore this fascinating country only with Hi Tours as we take you to numerous novel adventures that will satiate your soul.

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