Enhancing Wellbeing in Nature: 5 of India’s Best National Parks

5 of India's Best National Parks

It’s been a rough year and we could all use a reboot. One of the best ways to enhance mental and physical well-being is to get on track with nature. And what better way to explore the wonders of nature than to be in one of India’s best national parks. All of them are packed with rich wildlife and give just the right amount of jungle vibes to unplug from the city madness.

Sariska National Park: Set in Alwar, Rajasthan, the Sariska National Park is widely known for its tiger population. The park also offers mesmerizing safaris and wildlife watching. If you’re lucky, you might spot a crocodile or two as the park circles the Siliserh Lake and the Jai Samand Lake. It also comprises of some ruins of the ancient Garh-Rajor, making the overall views all the more impressive.

Jim Corbett National Park: Home of the ‘Tiger Project’, the Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in the country and also contains the maximum number of tigers. It is also popularly known for adventures like river rafting, wildlife safaris, and rock climbing amongst other things. In addition to these, the Corbett Waterfalls and the Garjia Temple within the park are sights that visitors cannot afford to miss.

Manas National Park: The Manas National Park is set in the foothills of the Himalayas in Assam giving the sceneries of the park unmatchable beauty. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park is not only a tiger reserve but also home to very rich biodiversity as it contains the Manas river and is connected with the forests of Bhutan. 

Valley of Flowers: The Valley of Flowers is yet another Indian gem that made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Set in Uttarakhand, the trek of Valley of Flowers gives you unreal views of flowerbeds filled with colors like pink and purple. This trek also leads to the climb of Hemkund Sahib – another remarkable spot that serves drone-like views of the Valley of Flowers itself and Ghangaia.

Mudumalai National Park: One of the first forests to get converted into a sanctuary, this national park is set in the gorgeous Nilgiri Hills. It offers a spectacular population of wildlife along with a chance for you to go on Elephant rides. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy bird watching and trekking around the forest to explore the area as deeply as they please.


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