Must See Scenic Places in the landlocked Bhutan Valleys!

If you are a big fan of the Himalayas and its mesmerizing valleys, then you need to explore the kingdom of Bhutan. With a rich and disciplined monarchy and a culturally healthy environment, Bhutan is considered as one of the top travel locations by many. It is a country that lies in the lap of Mahayana Buddhism, surrounded by untold myths and mountains, with mesmerizing and beautiful landscapes. Just like Nepal, this nation also shares a boundary with India and China. Travel and experience these scenic places which exuberate the beauty of Bhutan with Hi Tours.

Thimphu: Capital City

Thimphu is the capital of the country of Bhutan. The city is famous for its many heritage sites and Buddhist monasteries. You will find a 51.5m high colossal Dordenma Buddha statue while overviewing this city through the hills. The statue is an epitome of spirituality in itself and moulded in bronze and gold. Dzongs are a type of fortress which can be found everywhere in the country. They were built in ancient time as fortresses and monasteries.

Punakha: Heart of Bhutan

Punakha is the old capital of Bhutan. The jaw-dropping scenic view of the mountainside unfolds with every turn in its district road. You will find beautiful Prayer flags installed everywhere, which will surely soothe your soul. Explore the Punakha Dzong here, which is famously known as the Palace of Great Happiness. It was built in the year 1637 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. The mesmerizing fortress is designed with bright allegorical frescos, intricate artwork and carvings.

Sacred Tiger’s Nest

The Taktsang Lhakhang, better known as the Tiger’s Nest, is considered as the country’s most sacred site. Many travel Bhutan just to visit Taktsang Lhakhang. The temple was first built in 1692 to sanctify the sacred site and since then it has been a spot of pilgrimage for Buddhist people, monks, devotees and also a very important tourist attraction.

Valley of Phobijkha

Get lost in the breathtaking view of the valley of Phobjikha. If you are visiting Bhutan, you cannot afford to miss Phobijkha’s never-ending beautiful valleys, ringed by the lofty mountains. If you are lucky enough, you will encounter the annual winter migration of the rare and endangered Black-Necked Crane in this area.


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