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Cultural sojourns in the Wild

Itinerary ideas

Exhibiting a peaceful co-existence of customs, traditions and wild nature; blissfully molded within an aesthetic Himalayan sense, Nepal imitates culture in the vibrance of its enchanting surroundings – namely, the towering peaks that house ancient homes of spirituality laced with rituals of Hinduism and Buddhism, verdant valleys enriched with serenity and rich bio-diversity, and lastly the locales, drenched in the exuberant tales of the old and new.

Itinerary idea in details

Day 01 and 02


<strong>Accommodation: Hyatt Regency</strong> Much like an enchanting odyssey depicting time travel, Kathmandu throws a sharp juxtaposition of the old and the new; parts of which co-relate to the medieval aura while some of it stays high on the contemporary. Nevertheless, its the traditional heritage that speaks for Kathmandu in the best tone. And that primarily would be the concern while exploring the energetic Kathmandu City.

Start with exploring the historic cluster at Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses regal palaces, courtyards and temples dating back to 12th century. Just a couple of courtyards away is Kumari Chowk, dedicated to the Hindu concept of female spiritual energy – traditionally known as the Devi. The quintessential modern day Kathmandu has its flavors seasoned at the Herbal markets established around the Old Newari Settlement and the Indra Chowk. In the evening, immerse yourself in the spiritual celebrations at Pashupatinath – highly prominent Hindu temple in the whole of the Indian subcontinent. Though the temple restricts the entry of non-Hindus inside its sanctum, one can always look for solace at the many colorful Ghats built around the temple.

Regardless of Nepal being a Hindu dominated Kingdom, it has been under the constant gaze of the Great Buddha since ages. And so, a visit to the largest stupa in Nepal – Boudhanath , is certainly inevitable.

Day 03 and 04

Chitwan National Park

Nepal has a wild side that speaks of a rich bio-diversity, blessed with exotic creatures living on tranquil swamps, imposing forests and rolling grasslands. To catch the best wildlife action, an adventure safari in the lush greens of Chitwan National Park shall be the order of the day. And to encounter scores of animals undisturbed in their natural habitat, a fully packed elephant safari becomes your best option. Hop on one of those gentle jumbos as you stroll through the territories of the rare one-horned rhinos and ofcourse, the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers. Interesting thing about elephants at Chitwan is that there is a Breeding Centre (second of its kind in the world), especially dedicated to the protection of these mighty tuskers. Get acquainted with them by bathing and swimming with them. Also, there is a crocodile breeding center nearby; familiarity with them would be slightly different from that of the elephants (sic) as you will be exploring their territory as part of the jeep safari. Chitwan is also home to a varied range of exotic birds. So, keep an eye on the sky as well when you explore the lands. Chitwan shares its locales with tribal people as well and so a sneak peek into the lives of the indigenous Tharus would be the pursuits of the afternoon. To sum up the whole valley for you, our jungle safari also encompasses a canoe ride that will sail you through the outers and also offer you breathtaking views of the riverside scenery.
Day 05, 06 and 07


Tropically verdant with a stunning backdrop of the towering Himalayas with tops covered in white! That’s Pokhara, one of the most breathtaking spots in Nepal, sites of which are dotted with serene lakes, pristine waterfalls, mountain villages and sacred spots. Begin with the second largest in the Nepalese territory – Phewa Lake, where a boat ride will escort you to Barahi temple, situated in the middle of the river.

Adding more to the spiritual side of Pokhara is Bindhyabasini Temple which would be the next to explore in the vicinity. This spiritual hub also highlights the Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist Stupa designed to provide a focus for people of all races and creeds within the world and to help unite them in their search for world peace. Little away and high resides the mountain locals of Sarangkot, a hilltop location simply splendid for enjoying sunrise and sunset. Besides, the village also serves as a launching pad for paragliding which will let you soar through the enchanting Annapurna Massif Mountains.

Day 08 and 09

Kathmandu one more time

Kathmandu, being the centre of Nepal’s prominent attractions necessitates the need to be explored from inside out. Hence, before bidding farewell to this magnetic country, head for full-fledged city tour. Begin with the Patan Museum, Mul Chowk, the Lion Gate, Golden Gate and the Art Gallery, before you walk in the courtyards of the highly fascinating palace of fifty-five windows. Besides being a frisky creation of the 14th century King Jayayakshya Malla, it vouches for its wooden finishes, carvings of which are no less than masterpieces. Other than that, the numerous art galleries at Kathmandu are suitable to get further insights about the Nepalese culture; perfect visits to be made in the leisure of the evening.

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