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If, like me, you get your highs from pristine mountain views and the sense of perspective that a Himalayan journey offers, then you are going to like Nepal. But if, also like me, you’ve always secretly wished that your mountain wilderness came with a warm slice of apple pie instead of a soggy tent, then you will simply love this place.


The morning sun shines on the glistening snow peaks of the Himalayan ranges. Somewhere in the valley, a Buddhist monk turns the prayer wheel as the colourful flags flutter in the pleasant morning breeze. As the sun shines through the clouds, the golden rays light up the Pashupati Nath temple in Kathmandu. Standing in the middle of his field, a farmer arches his back as he gazes at the majestic Himalayas, towering over him in all its icy glory. A normal day for a local Nepalese; however, this sight will sure be overwhelming for you and your team.

Enjoy unparalleled trekking and mountain adventure experiences in Nepal. Explore the wide varieties of flora and fauna in its forests; discover lost temples and monasteries on isolated routes through picturesque mountain villages and discover Buddhism at the birth place of the Shakyamuni Buddha.

Pamper yourself in the grandesque luxury, breath-taking views and unique cultural heritage at some of Nepal’s finest boutique properties curated to give you a memorable experience. An ace destination for business travel, there’s plenty of quixotic moments to gather in Nepal.

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