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Mirzapur -Varanasi ,UP ,India

Slowly Down the Ganges

Slowly Down the Ganges

An off-the-beaten-track experience where you get the chance to get up and close with the holy river Ganges and life on the riverbank. Embark on a sailing journey across the river on an exclusive boat with the boatman, kitchen crew and the lovely company of migratory birds and playful sights of dolphins.

Ganges is the most sacred of all Indian rivers and there is no other waterway in the world that is revered so deeply and passionately by a huge section of humanity. Its very name evokes the colourful and vibrant panorama of Indian civilization. You sail slowly down the Ganges on a wooden country, the stretch we have chosen to sail is the most colourful and interesting of this legendary river between Mirzapur and Varanasi.

1. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India

Make some very interesting stops along the way like visiting the 16th Century Chunar Fort that has been witness to many upheavals of history and changing cultures.

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