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The Dance of the Divine!

The Dance of the Divine!

Theyyam, the 800-year-old spectacular yet lesser known Dance form which is performed during this incredible festival, is played through a mélange of dance, music, drama and mime. Having its roots in the ancient Dravidian culture of South India, the Theyyam is a popular ritual dance where the dancer takes up the role of a deity. This artistic dance form imbibes metaphysical thoughts and expressions of immortal souls which are impersonated to a believer through a mortal body.

During the few days of the part-dance part-extreme ritual festival, the Theyyam performers are elevated to the status of Gods. The awe-inspiring performance includes over 400 different styles of dance, invocations and rites by priests wearing elaborate costumes, bright face paint and carry cult weapons.

1. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh, India

Theyyam is celebrated and performed during the months between December and April in certain temples of North Kerala mainly in Malabar region & Kannur, making it a hub for national and international tourists, art enthusiasts, art photographers, and a host of others.

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