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Top 5 Trends In The MICE Tourism Industry

Top 5 MICE Tourism Industry Trends

Top 5 Trends In The MICE Tourism Industry

The Meetings, Incentives, Congresses, and Exhibitions (or MICE) industry is very niche kind of tourism, dedicated to facilitating conferences, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions. It is essentially a form of business tourism and it contributes hugely to the destination in many ways: it boosts the economic development of the place, it gives it more visibility as a tourist destination, and it promotes local businesses and entrepreneurs to a global audience as well. While fulfilling business requirements, it also allows participants to enjoy a new locale. This points towards another kind of practice that is coming up in travel – leisure – the combination of business and leisure in one trip.

Since MICE is such an important section of the tourism sector, it is important to consider what is trending in the industry in order to make the best use of it. Listed in this article are five trends that are prevalent in the MICE tourism industry today.



Traditional halls and boardrooms are slowly being pushed to the backseat, with more unique and unconventional experiences coming to the forefront. It is far more preferable to have a scenic getaway with a CEO or a mentor than sit in a classroom-like atmosphere and have a lecture delivered in front of you. Immersive activities and experiences that create a comfortable environment for the exchange of ideas are gaining precedence over plain archaic corporate activities. MICE events cannot be boring anymore. They are not just events, they are festivals.



Currently, there is a tremendous focus on customization and personalization. Competition is fierce, and all clients are constantly seeking bespoke experiences that suit their values. Whether it is food or accommodation preferences or experiences created to adhere to company values, personalization is hot in the market right now. Deals are now tailor-made and discounts are often available too.



Technology is constantly advancing and this is clearly visible in the MICE industry as well. For instance, virtual reality walkthrough presentations are gradually growing in popularity.

Technology is constantly advancing and this is clearly visible in the MICE industry as well. For instance, virtual reality walkthrough presentations are gradually growing in popularity.

Furthermore, technology also goes hand-in-hand with sustainability when you consider how it is possible to have digital attendance now, so all delegates don’t have to fly from around the world to one destination.



Naturally, the more the number of participants, the higher the budget for events. However, planners still make it their aim to judiciously use every penny. Travel Daily Media reports: “90% of planners would hold an event at their second choice of potential venues for just a 1% cost savings.”

However, cost-cutting does not mean a compromise on the quality of the event. With better pricing and negotiations, it is ensured that there is a high-quality, even within a lower budget.

Budgeting reduces the frequency of MICE events but ensures that each event is bigger and grander. There is a greater consolidation of activities and each individual event becomes a very magnificent affair. Therefore, even though the budget might be low, it is assured that the events themselves are extremely memorable.



With every passing day, the uproar against climate change and its various causes is increasing. Attendees are eager to ensure that their growth, development, and luxury does not come at a cost to the planet. Sustainable practices are being hailed as more and more important in the industry, with efforts being made to reduce dependence on single-use plastics before getting rid of them entirely.

Another way of ensuring sustainability is by reducing food wastage. Food shortage is a growing problem and it is no secret that large gatherings lead to tremendous wastage in food. Catering teams are beginning to take stock of this and working
better with organizers to manage this better. One of the ways this is done is by partnering with organizations that can donate the cooked food to shelters to contribute to someone’s meal.

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