Whether its travelling in the Himalayas or soaking sun in the Maldivian beaches, you name it and we will make it happen as per your comfort and convenience. With us, options are limitless, but all of them are crafted as per your taste and budget to the finest detail.

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Bhutan at a Glance Where on Earth….. The Divine Mad Man Drukpa Kunley : Iintroduced Buddhism to Bhutan and established the monastery of Chimi Lhakhang there in 1499. Only country in the world which measures GNH – Gross National Happiness as an index to

The immigration formalities at the Bandaranaike International Airport are quite straightforward. The Sri Lankan Department of Immigration & Emigration has announced that British nationals arriving in Sri Lanka before 31 January 2020 on a short visit of up to 30

It is quite easy for foreign nationals to visit Nepal. Visa on arrival is available at the international airport in Kathmandu and there are no problems in crossing land borders if you have passport photos handy and can pay the

Getting into India is relatively simple, with standard immigration and customs processes. Most travelers can combine their India tour with side trips to neighbouring countries.   Customs Rules   Visitors to India need to declare Indian rupees in excess of ₹10,000, any amount

The entry procedure to Bhutan is relatively simple because you will meet your tour guide on arrival. Just make sure you carry the visa authorization form with you from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.   Custom Rules & Regulations   When you arrive in

India Hi Tours constantly churns out bespoke tours and travel experiences that enthrall our clients. InDreams is a client for which, we organized and executed a vibrant trip to India. Being a smorgasbord of heritage, cultures, traditions, and cuisines, India warms

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