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Uncover the Essence of India: Culture & Cuisine

India’s cuisine

Uncover the Essence of India: Culture & Cuisine

India is a wonderful land of magnificent diversity where multiple cultures and faiths come together to create a beautiful motley that is renowned the world over! From sights and sounds to tastes and textures, India is a veritable land of many religions that form a beautiful outline of its anatomy. It’s a sensory experience where chaos and beauty of sound and color and language shifts across states and cities come alive. As you explore the divergent spiciness of households; the insistent flavors of everyday life and a potent mix of traditions and customs that will force you to surrender to the charms of this nation and embrace the essence of India and its people.

Considered to be the birthplace of some of the world’s major religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, today many other religions and faiths are thriving in the nation. As you visit India and experience its soul from up close, you will be witness to a great spectacle of India’s traditions that is commingled with its vibrant and kaleidoscopic history. Each region has its own cultural belief system, way of living, and cuisine that adds novelty.

Brimming with natural diversity and wildlife riches, a visit to this wonderland will take you on an epic trip of flavors and tastes that are as colorful as the regions they belong to! Being quite famous for multifarious cuisines, the Indian palate has constantly evolved since ancient times. The evolution of Indian food culture is differentiated according to the varied regions that the country is made up of.

From the traditional vegetarian and highly nutritious fare of Gujarat and Rajasthan to the spicy and savory flavors of the Eastern Bengal, the food is a blend of sweet and piquant curries. On the other hand, the northern most state of Kashmir’s cuisine is highly influenced from Afghanistan and Persia and often includes meat and poultry-based delicacies cooked with rich spices and ingredients. Down south, the food if known to be light, highly nutritious and an eclectic mix of rice and lentil-based dishes.

India’s cuisine offers so much more in terms of flavor, and only upon visiting and close observation you would find interesting combinations and variety of items that define different cultures and customs. Apart from the above four states, the entire length and breadth of Indian landscape is defined by novel mix of tastes and savory and decadent indulgences.

India’s culture is among the world’s oldest civilizations and evolved with time and age. From charming architecture, cuisine and an exciting mix of language, customs and beliefs, you cannot simply absorb the essence of India in a single visit! With HI Tours, you can get a chance to explore this glorious nation up close as we bring to you amazing tours and great packages to satiate the travel bug in you!
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