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Unique City Hosts

The Concept:

The Best way to discover a city is to do it with the locals, we at Hi Tours have curated a club of select few exclusive City hosts titled – City Host. who shall be our ambassadors in the region and will enable our Guests to discover the City in the true sense and take their experiences to the next level?
Hi Tours ‘Local Host is our exclusive resource in a city who shall be the Host, friend and at times even Guide to our guests visiting the city.

Role of the Local Host:

Local Host shall indulge the visitors in special programmes curated exclusively for Hi Tours Guests, from immersive cultural experiences like – Spend a Day in Lucknow with a true blue ‘Lucknow’ (popular phrase for a resident of the City) or get chatty with a renowned author in Jaipur over Champagne at a Book Store or Roam the by lanes of Varanasi with an eminent ‘culture vulture’ of Banaras who is also the Chief Curator of some of the Major cultural extravaganzas of the city like the Banaras Utsav.

Exclusivity Agreement with Hi Tours:

All our Local Host shall be under a well-defined exclusivity contract with Hi Tours and work on predefined and predesigned programmes that we jointly curate.

City Wise Local Host and Curated programmes:

Local Host PRO: Kush Sethi


About Kush :

Kush Sethi is an ecological gardener and forager based out of Delhi. Formally trained in Chemistry, he transitioned into urban ecology while working as a researcher for the Delhi Ridge. After spending a few years in the field, he trained himself in gardening & basics of botany. Inspired by resilient forest ecosystems, his practice seeks to understand problems in manicured urban horticulture formats and finding wilder, self-sustainable approaches

Curated Programmes:

Foraging for Food in the Urban Jungles of Delhi – Walk with Kush in the urban green spaces , historical parks and the streets of Delhi , understanding its geography , history and even culture through the eyes of an ecologist. Discover Lodhi Garden the new way – go foraging for edibles with and expert on Delhi’s Ecology and flora , pick wild herbs and other edible , learn about them and finally we take you to nearby restaurant to feast upon dishes made out of or ingredient with the greens collected by you

Local Host PRO: Shivkaran Singh


About Shivkaran :

Shiv Karan Singh is amongst one of the most recognized restaurateurs in the country today.. Once in the readymade garment business (he was the VP of Provogue), he is now better known for his role in the success of many of Delhi’s best restaurants. Mocha, Smoke House Grill, Smoke House Deli and Shroom became buzzwords for cool under his watch, during his tenure with Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality. This pragmatic and passionate entrepreneur is responsible in a big way for the group’s successful expansion in the national capital and was key to bringing the Bombay based Mocha cafe chain to Delhi.

In 2013 he branched out to create his own brand and brought to the foodies of Delhi what has come to be known as Smokey’s BBQ and Grill. The journey which started with a single restaurant has now transformed into a multi brand empire with his latest projects “CIRCUS” and all exclusive delivery brands “JOKER ON WHEELS” ; “DOGS ON WHEELS” and “DEXTERS LAB”

A pioneer in his field, Shivkaran with these two new “kids on the block” will revolutionize the way Delhi dines with one of a kind experiences, through innovation in cuisine and out of the box entertainment.

Curated Programmes:

Pub Crawl with a celebrity Restaurateur –
Be a VIP guest at one of Shivkaran’s fine dining Restaurants/Pubs where a special chef’s table awaits you with the owner in company!

Local Host Armature: Nikasha Kumar


About Nikasha

A live wire and true Delhiite -Nikisha imbibes the spirit of the City with Youthful exuberance which make her an ideal Youth Ambassador of her city. A college student currently perusing her mass commutation degree from a leading University, she aspires to be a famous Journalist someday.

Curated Programmes:

Delhi NCR with Collage Goer!
Nikasha takes you through the life of a collage goer and the youth of India , start your experience with a Delhi Metro train ride like thousands of students do every day , reach the nearest metro station to the Amity University ( one of the largest Universities of the country ) and finally take a short thuk thuk ride to reach Nikashs’s collage where you get experiences what the likes of our host do –‘ hang around’ in the collage canteen to catch the youthful buzz , also visit the social hubs outside the college campus which are extremely popular with the student.

Local Host PRO: Mr. Rishi Duggal


About Rishi:

Born and brought up in Lucknow Rishi is a successful businessman of the city, however his passion lies in travel and meeting people from around the world. Rishi’s family home is in the Narahi locality of the city which still retains its age-old charm and character.
Being a ‘Lucknow’ at heart Rishi loves and lives the city and obviously knows it very well, from the best places to savor the mouthwatering Awadhi Cuisine to the best places to feel the city’s real

Curated Programmes:

‘Shame Awadh’ with Local Host PRO –
Spend an evening in Lucknow doing what the locals do best – enjoy to city to the hilt and do it with your spirited host Rishi. We start the in the afternoon with a Home cooked lunch with the Duggal family at their residence a five-decade old Haveli where the Guests shall indulge in engrossing conversations with the family about their lives, culture and the city that they live in and love so dearly.
Post lunch Rishi takes us to the iconic La Martiniere Collage an educational Institution which was founded in the 19th Century, apart from its Grand Façade and amalgamative architectural style which is a fusion of varied styles of Architecture popular in its times the collage also has the distinction of being the only School in India to be awarded ‘Battle Honours’ by the erstwhile British Empire! As Rishi happens to be an Old Boy of the School he has insider access no to the sprawling campus but also a virtual data bank of Stories, Myths and Legends that surrounds the institution.
The most buzzing place in any Boys School is the Canteen and the over century old Canteen at La Martiniere is just that and gives an insight onto the minds and lives of the Youth of India.
Later we head out the most popular ‘Bazar’ of Lucknow – the iconic – Hazratganj to indulge in what the locals call ‘Ganjing’ (a popular phrase for a leisurely stroll in the Hazratganj) here we savour the mouth-watering local delicacies at popular eateries.
We finally head out for Dinner at the famous ‘Tundey Kawabi’ restaurant in the old city post a sumptuous fare of Mugali cuisines and the succulent ‘Gilawati’ Kawabs that’s made the restaurant famous world over and has a very interesting history of its origin which will be narrated by the host.

Local Host Expert: Kr. Manvendra Singh


About Manvendra :

Hailing from the Royal Family of Satasi ( an Erstwhile Princely State in Uttar Pradesh ) Manvedra , or Manu as he is fondly called has his roots dug deep in the Culture and Ethos of Lucknow. Has been involved in Organic Agriculture at his sprawling Estate not far from Lucknow, Manu spends his time between Lucknow and his ancestral Estate and is extremely popular soul in the elite social circuits of Lucknow

Curated Programmes:

Explore the Royal Outback of Oudh –
Belonging to the Elite Royal background, Manvendra has insider access to the Oudh Erstwhile Royalty who are still a fine reminiscent of the glorious past of the region.
The Local host shall accompany and guide out guests on a full day sojourner which begins by a visit to the Sprawling Estate and Palace of Maal, a hamlet at an hour drive from Lucknow which is also known as the Mango Heartland of India. Here we get to interact with the Maal Royal Family which resided in 100-year-old well maintained palace, have a sumptuous meal with them and visit the farms and understand the workings of full-fledged Agricultural Farm.

Local Host Expert : Tripti Pandey


About Tripti

Tripti Pandey is a well-known name in the field of culture and tourism in India. She did her master’s in the history of ancient India and Indian culture; she has also studied tourism management in Salzburg, Austria. she has a deep interest in the promotion of tourism in India, with a focus on living traditions and intangible heritage. she has designed many festivals involving India’s rich legacy of folk arts and crafts, traditional festivals and textiles. she has done pioneering work involving traditional performers, especially the ‘Kalbelias’ a gypsy group, snake charmers, ‘Dholanis’ (chamber singers) and, of course, mahouts (elephant keepers)

Curated Programmes:

Meet the author on Living Traditions
The Experience starts in conversation with the Author, where she reflects on her books and the challenges living traditions and social media/ jet set pace later we head out to a charming Book Store nearby where take the conversations further over some Wine or Champagne while the Sun sets over the Pink City Skyline.

The Railway Bazaar at the Steam, Rambagh Palace.
At the popular Steam at the Rambagh Palace Tripti engages the Guests with culturally rich conversations relating to our childhood trips till the time when she worked on the idea of the Palace on Wheels- comparing the first launch on the platform recounting the tales around the trains in the princely states.

Local Host Expert: Kr. Meghna Kumari Singh


About Meghna

Hailing from the Royal family of Nahan ( Himachal ) and married into the Jaisalmer Royal Family Meghna is a true ‘Blue Blood’ Rajput lady who has used her royal lineage to server the local community in unique ways , her NGO is working extensively on vital issues like Gender equality , Women Empowerment other projects of Socio Economic upliftment.

Curated Programmes:

A Day with the Royalty on Social Mission
Visit Meghna’s Royal residence steeped in history for cup of tea and a relaxed interaction with her to get an insight into the culture and the lives of the erstwhile Royalty

Local Host PRO: Shiv Singh Solanki


About Shiv aka Sanju

A Fourth generation Traditional Miniature Painting Artist Sanju has been a true ambassador of the dying art, runs the popular Janak Arts Studio in the Old City area of Udaipur, very close to the city palace where he takes painting classes and workshops apart from his regular painting work that his entire family is involved in.

Curated Programmes:

City of Lakes on a Painters Canvas
Get immersed in the colourful work of Miniature painting at Sanju’s Art Studio in the old city, understand the nitty gritty of the ancient art and get a hand on experience of Miniature painting, create your own masterpiece with some help from the professionals

Local Host PRO: Samridh Singh Katoch


About Samridh

With a traditional Himachali family background and royal decent makes Samridh or ‘Sam’ as he is fondly called , an ideal host in this Himalayan paradise. Sam runs an Integrated Organic Farm and is also the head of the Local Youth Congress body which make him very much a ‘people’s’ man and popular in the local social circles.

Curated Programmes:

Discover the Himalayan Magic with a Local
A typical day with Sam would start with visit to his Organic Farm, understanding the nitty gritty’ s of Organic Agriculture and literally getting a hand on experiences of helping in the daily chores of the Farm.
Later visit some of the popular social and cultural hot spots of the town in company of Samridh to get the pulse of this deeply spiritual Himalayan town.

Local Host Pro : Gaurav Kapoor


About Gaurav

Gaurav has been the Chief Curator of the Banaras Utsav and numerous other culturally and socially relevant projects aimed at making Varanasi’s age-old traditions and culture come alive. His family has lived in Varanasi since the 1860’s and have been successful businessmen for generations, Gaurav however find his pride and passion in the Ancient city that he has grown to love immensely and is always looking for opportunities to showcase Varanasi to the World

Curated Programmes:

Banaras with ‘Banarsi Babu’(Gentleman from Varanasi)
Explore one of the oldest living cities in the World with our ‘Mezban E Shahar’ -Gaurav Kapoor a ‘Banarasi’ in true sense and a gentleman to the core his family has been living and thriving in the city for generations and imbibe the true character of Varanasi.
We start the day with a walk on the bustling banks on the Ganges with Gaurav and your personal Butler who shall be accompanying the Guests throughout the Walk with Cold towels, water etc. Take the your Varanasi experience to next level by visiting a popular ‘Akhara’(Traditional Indian Style Wrestling Arena and School) to witness one of the oldest surviving forms of Wrestling – ‘Kushti’
Later we visit some of famous Hindu Temples of the city with a ‘Pujari’ (Temple Priest) to get a deep insight into the religion and culture which has kept the city alive for centuries, we enrich our experience further by a visit to the Grand Old University of India- The Banaras Hindu University, here we also interact with Senior Professors and students of the University.
We finally head to Gaurav’s ‘Haveli’ on the outskirts of the city for a scintillating evening of Music and cultural immersion. A traditional ‘Baithak’ (congregation of Music lovers and artists) will be organised at the century old building’s courtyard with performances from renowned artists of the ‘Banarsi Gharana’ and discussions on Indian Classical Music. The evening draws to an end with a traditional Dinner comprising of typical ‘Banarsi ‘fare.

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