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Yoga retreats in India that will change your life for better

Yoga and India are terms that are almost synonymous with each other! In Sanskrit, Yoga means Union or Yoke which translates into ‘connect or link’. Yoga is an experience of connecting oneself to divinity, it’s a practice of connecting your body, mind, and soul to a higher spiritual goal.

What is a Yoga Retreat?

A yoga retreat is basically a place where you can unwind from the daily life stress and focus on wellness and rejuvenation. Most of the yoga retreats have a full regime that includes, healthy meals, meditation sessions, and yoga routines by trained professionals. Yoga retreats are the right place to go if you want to reinvigorate yourself!

India is the birthplace of yoga and is enriched with so many gurus that teach us about this unique practice. Every year we see the popularity of yoga soaras many tourists visit India to learn or practice yoga. We are lucky to have many yoga retreats in the country, but here we have listed a few of our favorites – 

Here is the list of yoga retreats that will change your life for better – 

1.Hotel Ganga Kinare, Rishikesh

Rishikesh is one of India’s best destinations for yoga! It is always advised that one should practice yoga and meditation in a calm and serene environment. Hotel Ganga Kinare is the ideal place to concentrate on reconnecting yourself with spirituality as it located on the banks of holy river Ganga. The resort has rooftop meditation and Yoga Hall overlooking the view of the river and Shivalik ranges. They have partnered up with renowned Yoga Gurus. Guests can practice during daily morning lessons and choose the style from beginners to complex. You can go for evening stroll alongside the banks of holy river Ganga and enjoy the exquisite view of the mountain ranges.

Niraamaya Retreat Surya Samudra is located on a dramatic cliff overlooking the secluded beach under the shade of breezy coconut palms. The resort has embedded the traditional Kerala heritage and you can spot the traditional heritage cottages savoring the view of the Arabian sea. This resort is recognized as one of the Best Ayurveda retreats in India where you can revitalize your body, mind, and soul. You will find a clean balance of traditional Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, and Meditation. You can explore all the wellness treatmentoptions and chose the one that’s best suited for yourself. The staff is extremely helpful and encourages you on this path of rejuvenation. 

The Earth SwaSwara resort is located on the famous Om Beach of Gokarna. This resort celebrates the simplicity and purity of our body, mind, and soul. SwaSwara is unique with its features as it is neither a traditional ashram nor is it a modern spa. Though it is a blend of all the unique features of both. The main aim of this place is to provide balance and harmony between your body and mind. The SwaSwara offers classical Yoga and Meditation sessions to reconstruct your inner and physical being. These sessions maintain the spiritual well being of your body. They also take full care of the food, and offer organic meals to the guests. Staying here will help you de-stress and rejuvenate yourself!

Prakriti Shakti is located in the lush green hills of Panchalimedu. As you move ahead on the journey of holistic journey, soak in the goodness of nature. Everyone needs a meditative pause from the hustle-bustle of the urban cities and to give your body, mind, and soul a chance to reconnect with divinity. Being in a beautifully serene and untouched environment is considered as a privilege. They have the most authentic Yoga and Naturopathy centers, with a team of experienced doctors and therapists that make sure you attain spiritual and physical awakening. We are sure you will see the transformation in yourself while staying here!

Kumarakom Lake Resort is known to be one of the most luxurious places to stay in. You can take up the journey of rejuvenating your inner self along with the serene view of nature here. Sharpen your focus and improve your health while practicing yoga daily with trained practitioners. You can also enjoy the luxury of Kumarakom Resort that has the best infrastructure, picturesque surroundings and has a blend of both traditional and modern comfort. Savor the soul food along with the top of the line service by the staff members!

Withdrawing from the daily grind and going to a place to reconnect with your inner self is a great idea for refreshment and rejuvenation that your body and mind deserves! The above yoga retreats are the best selection that you can explore with HI Tours as your travel partner. Plan your trip now, and travel later.

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