Our Tours

Our tours include all you need for a stress-free holiday right from the accommodation, transport, tour guide, meals, and cultural inclusions; all are included in your tour cost. Don't miss it! As you only need to pay for essentials.

Now, let us tell you what is unique about our tours and why you should book with HI Tours!
When you don't wish to travel alone but don't have a friend or family member to accompany you, a group tour is an ideal way! Travelling in a small group gives a better travel experience. Our guaranteed departures will make you feel safer as we render individual attention and personalised services. You'll always be with a guide and get access to places that are otherwise closed for independent tourists. With a maximum group size of 16 people, our group tours are a great way to make friends and meet people across the globe!

Be it colourful festival tours, eco-friendly adventure tours, enchanting landscapes or mesmerising island tours, we have got you covered. We have a range of exciting activities in our itineraries, from houseboat stays, sunset cruises, to culinary visits, amazing treks and more. Our tours cover more than half of the Indian subcontinent to leave you with good memories, new friends and a great insight into the Indian culture and people.
All our tours are customisable, and we offer you the choice to alter them as per your interests with a variety of optional activities, accommodation upgrades and tour extensions.

With us, options are unlimited, and our tours can be customised as per your budgetary aspirations, preferred time, tour duration, and comfort. You can always book in advance and choose your tour preferences as our tours are fine-tuned to the minute detail for delivering the utmost convenience.
The very concept that luxury holidays need not be super expensive is the thought behind our product category. Be it a cultural retreat, a leisure escape or an enthralling adventure! We make sure to get you exuberant luxury at competitive prices!

Our 'luxury for less' tour category, which comes under guaranteed departures, are tailor-made to achieve our primary goal of crafting journeys with an affordable luxury approach. Our exclusive luxury services, coupled with the knowledge and passion for travel, have led us to offer you the best in the industry.
HI Tours offers top-notch accommodation on all our tours. Each accommodation, be it a hotel, resort, lodge, palace, fort or camp, is being audited for higher levels of comfort, services, health and safety practices. We get the best in each category and services for our clients. Our tours provide accommodation upgrades or comforts tailored to your needs. We ensure our travellers stay in elite and luxe accommodation offering all modern amenities on all our tours.
Unlike tour guides who offer just dates and names, our storytellers effortlessly provide real insight into each destination. Our storytellers make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one with their impeccable knowledge, travel experiences and narrative style. They share the tour destination's social and cultural aspects from their own experiences and stories that originated in the place.
We provide comfortable transport in air-conditioned coaches, following all the safety and hygiene norms during our tours. Individual attention and support are rendered to each traveller as per their needs. Transportation during tours plays a key role, and we deliver the best in class transport facilities to all our travellers. We have you covered with the best transfer modes as per requirement; you can rest assured.

Since 1997, HI Tours has been a leading award-winning travel company, tour operator and experiential destination management company (DMC). We specialize in delivering inspiring experiences and managing select destinations, offering top quality services to independent international travellers, travel agencies and major tour operators from around the world.

With around 24 years' experience in the tourism industry and profound knowledge of all the destinations in which we operate, our crew of more than 150 professionals in multiple offices ensure highest-quality standards for our clients.

Our commitment to the success of our global partners, as well as our advanced technology and the trust our clients' place in us, has allowed us to serve more than 1,200,000 clients so far and represent some of the renowned companies and tour operators worldwide.


Our in-depth knowledge of each destination we manage, our passion for success and our solid relationship with our collaborators allow us to provide the highest quality service, turning every tour into an unforgettable experience.

From the concept and design of tour programs to flawless operations, our teams at every destination work very closely with our travellers and partners to provide full support to the best that our destinations have to offer. Our destination expertise creates value for money programs, allowing the guests to explore many things in less time.

Our job is not only to service our clients on the ground but to deliver all the promises. We ensure each guest is served well and takes back happy memories.


Nearly 24 years’ experience in the tourism industry and our profound knowledge of all the destinations in which we operate, led to render high-quality standards for our clients. Our commitment to success, advanced technology and the trust our clients' place in us, has allowed us to serve more than a million clients and represent some of the best companies and tour operators worldwide.

Our profound knowledge of each destination, our passion for travel and our consistent relationship with our partners allow us to provide top-notch service.


A family run business, embedded strongly in the principles of integrity, trust and understanding is what makes us stand out from the clutter. Our values, incredible work and strong client relationships built over decades have rendered us success and great accomplishments over the years.

We take pride in our diverse portfolio of destinations and teams!

Our story started in 1997 with a mission ‘To provide the ultimate travel experiences to our guests, while becoming the most trusted DMC partner for international Travel Agents & Tour Operators’ to which we are truly committed to since last 24 years!

HI Tours is a DMC [Destination Management Company] that you can relate to and trust, whilst our teams assist you on both, a creative and proficient level, supporting you with destination knowledge, expertise and resources, working on the design and operations of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics, based on solid local knowledge with insider access of our magical destinations.

We provide professional services to travellers, travel agents and tour operators with competence along with required resources acting as an extension of the top travel brands world-wide, offering quality services and preferential rates based on the buying power that we have with our preferred suppliers along-with a strong advantage of a global network of teams and partners on the ground who are able to share the most up-to-date information and insights on ever evolving situations with specialist solutions.

We are here to bring you, your life’s most beautiful and unforgettable experiences!
In this ever dynamic changing world, we keep our clients, be it independent travellers, travel agents and tour operators, always protected and offer unconventional cancellation terms of 100% refund on your trip with no questions asked, should you change your mind, for whatever reason – at least 30 days before you depart!
We further allow you complete flexibility to be always in command of your tour and change your tour dates free of charge, giving you full control over your booking – and another reason to feel reassured during uncertain times.
We make the process as simple as this...
  • You pay a small 10% deposit to secure your trip
  • You only have to pay the balance up to 8 weeks before travel
  • Should you cancel, for whatever reason, we’ll simply return 100% of your money – including deposit, providing you cancel at least 30 days prior to your departure.
  • Else, you can choose new dates without incurring any additional fees
Quality Controls are stringent at HI Tours and are reviewed continuously. We ensure that all services, products and arrangements are monitored to provide the highest standards of punctuality, efficiency and attentive service.

HI Tours follow strict protocols as per WHO and Health & Safety guidelines and as per ISO 45001 and is being audited by SGS, world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Extensive Health and Safety Audits have been done at each hotel as per ABTA & EU norms and necessary actions being taken wherever and whenever required.

We are committed to keeping you safe and secure. You can depend on us for quality service with no compromise.
The presence of our on-site local teams at strategic locations at our destinations makes a big difference when it comes to offering authentic programs and support to you!

Our ground services team relentlessly deliver unforgettable local encounters coupled with efficient and reliable services ensuring a sense of trust and confidence in demanding travellers with excellent customer support.

With a team of over 150 people at our multiple offices. we are an extended team of our Travel Agents & Tour Operator partners and guarantee complete brand protection throughout all our operations, using your branding, logos and signages on the ground.
The decades of incredible work which has been awarded and recognised globally and locally has helped us build our strong and important connections which are necessary to ensure we are on top of things at all times.
We introduce our clients to a wide range of people from all walks of life - from monks to maharajas, nomads to nobility, and farmers to financiers. With our long-standing local relationships and reputation of last over two decades, we offer a true ‘Insider Access’ to our guests - those special occasions that make the difference between a holiday and an experience.
HI Tours is an award-winning, experiential full-service destination management company that specialises in delivering inspiring experiences in compliance with the travel needs of today's traveller.

Since we began over 24 years ago, we have endeavoured and achieved our primal goal of crafting journeys that are people, culture and experience-centric, and this we have done and simplified with a different personalised approach in our services with our knowledge and love of all the destinations that we offer.

Be it a leisure escape, cultural retreat, or an enthralling adventure; we make sure you have a hearty smile while recalling these exuberant vacations.

Discover the enchanting world your way. Our travel experts completely customise your private tour to match your interests and preferences with their comprehensive knowledge of each destination.

With an undulating focus on fulfilling our guests' needs and aspirations, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get what you desire!


As exciting as it is to dine with royalty in their palaces, it is often the time spent in tribal homes, schools and monasteries that are ultimately most uplifting and enlightening.

We are proud to be associated with various NGOs and non-profit organisations to be part of public welfare projects pertaining to free school education for the underprivileged children, orphanages, women empowerment and girl child care.

We are very particular about Animal welfare, and all animals encountered while on your tour are treated humanely with respect. We are strictly following animal welfare standards to adhere to ABTAs’ guideline and five freedoms.

Sustainability always remains at the core of our businesses, operations and endeavours, form designing Carbon Minimal Holidays to making our day to day operations greener – we are conscious of the urgent need of arresting the further degradation of our planet.


We’re members of all the major travel industry Associations worldwide and we also have an IATA license. This means that all trips we organise are fully financially protected in all aspects, should a supplier fail. We’ll look after you. That’s our guarantee.

We are also covered with US$5 Million Liability Insurance to cover our travel agent and tour operator partners.


We always aim for higher customer satisfaction and NPS score for our travellers and travel partners and listen closely to what they say.

Our job is not only to service our clients on the ground but to ensure we deliver all the promises made & ensuring each guest is served well and is sent back with happy memories, only coming back saying … once is not enough!

We invite you to experience the world of HI Tours and can’t wait to see you soon with us!

We’re travellers and travel lovers, but we’re also involved in customer servicing, engineering, deal contracting, writing and marketing. We toil during the week and slacken on the weekends. We love design, technology, barbecue parties and exploring the globe.
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Our Awards
We have been a recipient of prestigious travel industry awards from our early years until now, often beating out much bigger competitors. These awards reflect our incredible services and commitment to you, our partners, collaborators and travellers, showcasing our team's passion for world-class tours. Here are few glimpses of the accolades won by HI Tours.

We are glad to be a consistent recipient of the prestigious National Tourism Award, reflecting our commitment to sharing Indian cultural experiences across the globe. It is a great recognition of our meticulous efforts as our tours celebrate Indian culture and heritage.

This award recognises our innovative practices and leadership through vision and commitment. It is a proud moment to be acknowledged for our efforts, professional excellence and operations system.

Incredibly delighted to receive the tourism award from the Ministry of tourism, which uphold the growth of the tourism, travel and hospitality industry in India. The award commemorates the commitment of the Indian government to the integrated development of tourism.

Ecstatic to be an awardee of one of the most significant tourism awards in the country. The award recognises world-class customer service and best-guided tours. We are thrilled to cross over some much bigger competitors and proud of our exceptional services.

Our exceptional travel experiences and dedicated services have made us one of India’s leading tour operators and recipient of various awards, but our biggest awards are none other than our clients!

Now check out what our clients have to tell about us!
Average Customer Rating:
Independent Service Rating - Based on 450 verified reviews.
Praveen Syal
CEO, Indus Travels, Vancouver, Canada
From product selection to taking care of our tours, HI Tours has really helped us grow our customer base for the Indian subcontinent
John S.
California, United States
Kudos to your hotel selection and trips...it was the most amazing holiday ever!
Linda P
Leeds, United Kingdom
Your experiences with such great and funny touring guides was the best travel experience we ever had!
Rishi Garg
Specialised in inbound tours for India ground arrangements, hotels, airlines, guides services etc, well taken care of all kind of tourist in all sectors of India-Nepal.